Flood My Basement

November 30, 2006

For the last couple weeks I’ve been telling friends that one of my current projects is “flooding my basement.” Those who are not Second Life residents look at me real funny, those that are look at me virtually funny. Perhaps it would have sounded better if I said I was developing and http request/xmlrpc based webservice to allow anyone on the internet to flood my basement, ah hindsight.

Well it’s done now, if you go to my shop in Second Life you too can now flood, and dry my basement, the controls on the web connect live via xmlrpc to my shop and control positioning and visibility of the water around my shop. From here I’m going to expand a few things and then get really tricky.

Update: I’ve had some trouble with the tricky slurl above, the control panel is here and my shop is at Areumdeulli (175,102,97)


One Response to “Flood My Basement”

  1. […] Happening. I thought that was pretty neat and have watched the new events since, even built a few gadgets of my own. I just finished another one, a real life control panel linked through into Second Life. My friend […]

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