Sometimes the time just flies buy and certainly my time in Second Life has. It seems like only yesterday I was congratulating Hiro Pendragon on making the move to full time and chuckling as he told me I’d join him soon, and now I am, where has the time gone? What do I really have to show for a year and a half of puttering and working in Second Life. So here then is a roughly chronological review of my work. The first project I ever did in Second Life that wasn’t merely for my own use was this set of waterfalls and the surrounding landscaping for the vow renewal of a couple of friends I met in-world. It’s been taken down now and built over with a club, but I still have the pictures and love how it came out.

Wedding Waterfalls

My next major project was in the fall of last year, the Dessert Island for Burning Life 2006. I headed up a team of four builders to bring to life this dessert in the desert, complete with a chocolate well feeding a creek, self pouring and boxing bonbons, a hot cocoa hot tub, milk bridge, cake house, snow cone Gatling gun, Trojan bunny, and pie planetarium in the sky.

Dessert Island

The same team also worked on a second build for Burning Life 2006, the Oasis of Hope, but I didn’t get any good pictures.

Since then I’ve been doing some contracting for Infinite Vision Media as well as a few “device projects,” my control panel and Weather Wisdom, each of which has it’s own blog entry here. The control panel was in partnership with Bill Ward and Weather Wisdom with both he and Sandhya2 Patel. My latest major project has been the Literature Factory, an automated factory staffed by automatons and dedicated to producing books. Again I’ve been proud to have the help of Binnie Zander and Sandhya2 Patel on the building.

Literature Factory

Hmm, what else? Well, lots of little bits, like the products in my shop, from left to right, my metal and glass furniture, peace stompers, dance floor, comment boxes, and couples bracelets.

CFP Store

…. and also the toys out at my workshop, again from left to right; my underground lair, galleryzebo, soccer set, and in the foreground, the weather maker built for one of the aforementioned IVM contracts, Weather Island, from February of this year.

CFP Workshop and Office

And none of this is counting the projects that aren’t ready to show yet of course, so I guess I have been busy.



Going Full Time

June 25, 2007

Just a professional update, I’ve quit my job at The Burgiss Group and will be working full time as a meta-verse developer. I will be working on a contract basis, primarily with Infinite Vision Media. I will also be forming my own company New World Electric along with Bill Ward. With Infinite Vision Media I will continue to develop some of the most creative projects in the meta-verse. New World Electric is a smaller venture at the moment focused on some products and smaller projects which Bill and I are particularly interested in and possibly consulting on some related projects.