A family business for 10 generations

Ever wonder what it would take to create Burning Life out of season? Turns out it takes months of building and scripting, like from May to August. Something to be said for the power of a deadline to focus the mind. On some land loaned out of Joi Ito’s Kula2 sim myself and some of my teammates from Burning Life 2006 have been building a Literature Factory in a Burning Life like folly build since May. Thanks to exterior work by Binnie Zander, a huge amount of interior building(including about 15 different robots some of which you see here) by Sandhya2 Patel, and scripting from yours truly it’s finally done. So, we’ve scheduled a grand openning for this Saturday. While I’m naming names I should also thank Alondria LeFey for additional scripting, Enki Stardust for sentence making rules, and Roger Thunders for help concepting.

Now, the natural question here is what a Literature Factory might be. Well now, that’s a silly question, it’s simply a factory that makes literature. Now, according to Wikipedia:

The term “literature” has different meanings depending on who is using it and in what context. It could be applied broadly to mean any symbolic record, encompassing everything from images and sculptures to letters. In a more narrow sense the term could mean only text composed of letters, or other examples of symbolic written language (Egyptian hieroglyphs, for example). An even more narrow interpretation is that text have a physical form, such as on paper or some other portable form, to the exclusion of inscriptions or digital media.

Well, we certainly meet that criteria, excepting the physical form bit, but I hope you’ll let that slide.

Now, I have things to do and people to see, so we went ahead and automated the factory. This row of Word-o-Mats runs tirelessly day and night, manufacturing words for the factory, the Bin Bots with them take charge of ferrying the words from the Word-o-Mats to the sorted bins on the other side of the factory.

Word-o-Mat Row

This is a view from the other side where the Bin Bots drop off their words and other bots build sentences and transfer them into the new works of literature under constant production.

Sentence Assembly

But pictures only convey so much, so drop in to the Literature Factory at Kula 2 (189,9,25).