Literature Factory Chapter II

September 5, 2007

So, while the Literature Factory is intended for a somewhat limited run it looks like it will be getting one, probably two new chapters, the next chapter is the Literature Factory Bookstore, which is coming together as a build for Burning Life at Burning Life (Diablo) (65,206,25) we will be selling books from the factory for 0L$ so if you want one, drop by. Chapter III is in progress, but not ready just yet, I will however say if you are interested in teaching a class or promoting particular pieces of literature in Second Life I’d like to hear from you at (my SL First Name) @ gmail . com.

Also, the Literature Factory has drawn a number of media responses and I wanted to pull together a run down here:

* SLNN – This factory is a fine example of vertical product development, as the robots start the process by making words, sorting them into the correct part of speech, assembling them into sentences, then finally scanning them into a giant book which is finally shrunken into a more manageable sized tome.

* The Philadelphia Inquirer – And as we put down the paper and finish our coffee, the Word-o-Mats are still working away, not unlike those hypothetical monkeys typing for eternity. Who’s to say what they’ll come up with?

also a number of blogs:

* Second Tense – Yeah, it’s a farce. But why not? It beats 1000 monkeys banging away on typewriters. Maybe this is the modern day equivalent?

* Beth’s Second Life – Someone best wake up Walt Whitman, cuz‘ I think he is dying all over again…

* Second Seeker – One has to like the idea of grinding out letters, words, stories, books … one wonders what gets left on the factory floor! The factory’s motto, “The finest literature that a factory can produce — you have our word on it!” seems particularly apt.

* Natalia Zelmanov’s Second Life Diary – Well, this was bound to happen one day. Factory robots have been building everything from cars to kitchen sinks. Now, theres a factory full of robots building literature in Second Life!

* Lythe Witte – Just discovered the Literature Factory by Ciemaar Flintoff. Tis a great work that is a lot of fun.

Also Lludmila Mirrikh has posted a Flickr set from the factory so let me link that here too.

– Ciemaar


One Response to “Literature Factory Chapter II”

  1. Melody Says:

    Great work with the factory. What a fresh idea – like the old monkeys with typewriters addage put to the test. Beautiful work!

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