Particles a go-go

October 1, 2007

Particles a go-go

At the beginning of the month a note originally posted to the SL Educators list by Hilary Mason about her script generator was reposted to the SL Scripters list. It read in part:

I’m interested in making scripting (and programming in general) more
accessible to everyone. Over the last few days (procrastinating from
prepping for my courses 🙂 I created a script generator for LSL…

at the time I was walking to the DMV and reading this on my cellphone and I kind of expected only the two age old fates of endeavors to bring programming to the masses: obscurity or a new programming language. Actually Hilary has done something rather different, her tool does not attempt to cover all of the possibilities of LSL scripting, but rather is a sort of code generation wizard that lets you pick a few options and fills out a script based on that.

Ron Blechner and Jeroen Frans got to talking about how the same approach would work for particles and that seemed like a good little project to me. After some coding and some settling I’m opening the tool to the world at The web form there will let you fill out settings for a particle system and then both generate the LSL code and send the system to a particle source on my lawn i Pi. It’ll give you a slurl to the exact source and take just a couple seconds for it to load, lag in Pi permitting.

This is a spin off of the same technology I use in my basement and other projects and I do plan to develop it somewhat further based on any suggestions I recieve, I’ll be happy to take bug reports by e-mail to andy -at- New World Electric or the comments here.

– CF