Long Delayed Releases

December 21, 2016

I’ve decided that it’s time, well past time to get a bunch of my old releases so, over the next few weeks I’m going to be going through some of my old code and just getting it out there.  I’m also going to be grabbing my old projects–even the unfinished and bad ideas–from SVN and dumping them into GitHub.  Here’s the process I plan to follow:

  1. Grab the code from SVN and post it into GitHub.  I’m not going to keep any history here, just check to make sure I’ve got the passwords out.  Moving passwords to config files is going to be the main part of my work.  At this point I won’t apply a proper open source license, but I’ll be glad to take requests if anyone sees a use for the code right away.
  2. Write up an introductory blog post here explaining what the code is supposed to be doing and why.
  3. Make the code work, in many cases this is very old code so it’ll have to account for new versions of twisted, Python, and webservices.
  4. Attach the code to Codacy to run analysis.
  5. Build a deployment package of some sort, probably pushing code to pypi and/or dockerhub.
  6. Put up another post here with more details and an open source license.

So, the next few posts on this blog should follow in this line–at least as much as I can over an otherwise plenty busy holiday.