The OaF was originally inspired by the Ambient Orb, a nice little pager network driven indicator which gave the promise of telling you how things are going. It seems to me that it’s most successful application was in the power industry where companies issued them to consumers to help guide their power conservation efforts.

When I saw this in the early 2000s I had a different take on it. My thought was that I wanted one indicator that just said “everything is ok” maybe with a few other states like “your process is running,” “warning,” or “error.”  This required two features first a hierarchy of aggregated statuses so warnings could be overlapped and managed in terms of importance and second powerful networking support which I got from twisted.
Implementation wise OaF has support for inputs from web forms, xmlrpc, email monitoring, and http ping. Outputs include the original Ambient Orb, the system tray, Second Life objects, Arduino on the serial port, and a web page. At this point I’m releasing as is and will work on making sure all this works on the next pass.

  1. Grab the code from SVN and post it into GitHub:  DONE
  2. Write up an introductory blog post:  DONE, this post here.
  3. Make the code work:  IN PROGRESS, as posted it sort of works.
  4. Attach the code to Codacy to run analysis:  DELAYED, Codacy is asking for rights to all my repositories and I can’t give them.
  5. Build a deployment package of some sort:  IN PROGRESS, is included, but not fully tested.
  6. Put up another post here with more details and an open source license:  NOT STARTED