July 27, 2008

Bill Ward and I have arranged for another outing for our control panel, this time as part of the NYC Resistor Art of the Game Show it’s been hooked up to Pong, with Pong itself running in the sandbox in Pi.

The control panel installed in NYC Resistor's Gallery.

The control panel installed in NYC Resistor's Gallery.

Pong in the Pi sandbox.

Pong in the Pi sandbox.


After we posted the control panel In Kenzo left us a note inviting us to enter into the NMC Connect art show. While Bill and I had defiantely talked about the possibilities of building some sort of art piece using the technology, hopefully a large installation and likely working with a more established artist, we certainly weren’t expecting to do one just a couple weeks later. But, we didn’t want to pass up the opportunity either. So, Bill, Sandhya2 Patel, and I sat down to brainstorm how to run our skills into art. Sandhya2 was a great help since unlike Bill and I she is an incredibly skilled artist. Bill chipped in with the comment that we could do light and temperature easy, so, of course we came up with a plan that required a barometer. Sandhya2 built a wonderful little german weather house, Bill got a barometer, and I wired the whole thing through so that the sensor is entangled with both the actual Weather House and an in world replica of the controller.

Here’s the finished in-world build:

Weather Wisdom Build

And the finished real world controller:

Controller in place in the windowClose up of the controller

You can see the build up until the 13th at http://slurl.com/secondlife/NMC%20Campus%205/225/124/20. We’ll probably put it up again somewhere else after the show, but we can’t be sure just where yet. Also, after the show we definitely want to hook up the LEDs that we have in the world build. Hooking up 3 devices to one serial port takes a little doing and we had to cut it out of the RL controller.

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SL/RL Control Panel Update

January 31, 2007

So, it’s been an interesting week just passed, lots of demos of the control panel, and discussion of where to go next. I also took the time between to hook the same input to move a plywood prim and control a set of fireworks. We’re working with a few people to wrap this kind of feature into one or several art pieces and we are excited to be working with Infinite Vision Media to develop applications for this and other related technologies … look for exciting news to come.

One of the things that have fascinated me since I joined Second Life has been mixed reality events. Just as I joined, my friend Hiro Pendragon was working on The Happening. I thought that was pretty neat and have watched the new events since, even built a few gadgets of my own. I just finished another one, a real life control panel linked through into Second Life. My friend Bill Ward built a small control box, just like this:

which I then hooked to my computer just like this:

Connected to computer

and built a representation of in Second Life like this:

Second Life Controller

The two are now entangled together through a Python web server so that turning the knob on the real world one, or pushing a button, changes the same on the one in Second Life.

What for? Well, the same techniques can connect other real world objects to other SL objects. We’ll probably be connecting the panel to trains and fireworks, maybe a few other things soon, and then working on other panels and in-world applications.

You can see the RL and SL panels at my display gallery in Pi. Or as best as can be shown in the larger picture below:

Both controllers in SL

That’s Bill(Williem Leandros) on the left, myself on the right, and Rhiannon Chatnoir looking on in the middle.